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Writers Weekend
Virtual Conference

Iris Williams

Iris Williams founded Butterfly Typeface Publishing after twenty-five years in corporate America. After interning with a North Carolina Publishing Company, she moved forward in becoming a published author, founding her own publishing company, and an online magazine. Through her company, Iris assists new authors with editing, writing, ghostwriting – and realizing their dreams.

About Us._edited

Renee’ La Viness has been published in anthologies, magazines, newspapers, etc., and has won more than thirty writing awards. As an editor, she enjoys working with short stories and children’s books. From 2013 to 2018, she held an editor position at 4RV Publishing, including two years as the first Children’s Corner Imprint Editor.

Brittany Reese

Storytelling in the news, magazine, #socialmedia and #digitalmarketing industries allows me to channel each brand's voice on a variety of platforms. Testing new technology through qualitative and quantitative methods such as gathering data from newspapers and analytics aids in my cultivation of tailored content management plans that complement organizational communications.

Donna Gray-Banks

Gray-Banks spent many years working for the Federal Government in Washington, DC. Upon relocating to the State of Florida, she spent years as an entrepreneur and then began working for the Central Florida Community Development Corporation, where she developed and managed a community resource center in Spring Hill located in the City of DeLand.

Katya photo

I am a human interest stories writer, an avid reader & a marketing communication executive working in education management. I believe storytelling and movement are among the greatest healers and that a coffee a day keep the doctor away:)

Mattox_White Coat

Rhonda Mattox, MD is a board-certified physician with two decades of experience in direct patient care. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and serves as an integrative behavioral health psychiatrist and mental health consultant to primary care providers and juvenile justice centers.

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